In addition to the study spaces provided by Concordia, there are study spaces on campus just for philosophy students.  These are relaxed study spaces without strict no talking or eating rules. However, please be respectful of other students who are studying.

Both the S and the M Buildings are located in the Philosophy Department, 2145 Rue Mackay.


The basement of the S-building is open for students when it is not booked for classes or events. This includes a quiet conference room to get work done and a small kitchen that is open to students.

On the 3rd floor are cubicles that may afford some students the opportunity for private study and contemplation. These do not belong to SoPhiA and are reserved for Teaching Assistants so expect to be kicked out sometimes!


The SoPhiA office is located in room M09 in the basement of the M-building. This space is usually open if an executive member has unlocked it for the students. This is also where the SoPhiA library is located.

As well, on the 3rd floor is a small study area with chairs and bookshelves, open to any student of the philosophy program at Concordia.

If you have any questions on other available spaces let us know: