We have an upcoming Special GA happening on March 1st, 2018. Please take a look at the proposed amendments to the by-laws here: Amendments to the SoPhiA By-Laws and Constitution

These proposed amendments will go through a referendum. We will then create a motion and vote to put these changes to ballot in the general elections. For summary:

a. Changing the title of “Sustainability Advisor” to “Sustainability and Inclusivity advisor”
b. Addition of The Sheila Mason Bursary as Section XIII
c. Changing the mandate of the Sustainability and Inclusivity Advisor to read:
“shall audit and direct the events and projects of the executive towards sustainable options and inclusivity. The Sustainability and Inclusivity Advisor must also uphold the distribution of the Sheila Mason Bursary as described in Section XIII. If the position is not run for independently, then the duty of upholding the distribution of the Sheila Mason Bursary is assumed under the obligations of the Chair and Executive Coordinator.”
d. Adding three new definitions to clarify the new bursary additions. 


Read the SoPhiA By-Laws and Constitution here.

As well, the members of SoPhiA sometimes adopt rolling mandates at the general assemblies that represent the values and opinions of the philosophy student body at Concordia. Below are listed the various mandates that have been adopted.

On September 12th and and October 24th, 2014, SoPhiA voted in general assembly to join with and adopt the principles of the Coalition ÉCO – Étudiants et étudiantes contre les oléoducs.

Also on October 24th, 2014, SoPhiA voted in three rolling mandates:

1. That we would pursue accreditation for SoPhiA.
2. That we would stand against austerity measures being leveled against Concordia and the philosophy department.
3. That we stand against the lack of job security for LTAs.

Please refer to the document below.

SoPhiA Mandates Oct24 2014

On October 5th, 2015, SoPhiA adopted three new rolling mandates (please refer to the links below for more information on what each mandate refers to):

1. That the members of SoPhiA demand that information on inclusivity be included on all syllabi in philosophy courses.
2. That Concordia refuse to support the Foreign Academic Recruitment Requirements that makes jobs at Canadian universities precarious and insecure for anyone applying from outside Canada.
3. That we oppose the student tribunals and the university’s decision to charge students who take part in strike movements and other political activities at the school.

On April 2nd, 2016, SoPhiA voted in referendum in favour of the following question:

Do you, as a member of SoPhiA agree: that should an opportunity arise SoPhiA will separate from ASFA and put to question a fee levy?