As of 2018, SoPhiA will be embarking upon a new project: The Sophia Review. This is an undergraduate, interdisciplinary journal with philosophical foundations and leanings.

The Sophia Review, Issue 1, Volume I. 

Philosophers and fiction writers are subject to a similar stigma: both are accused of having their head too far in the clouds. This is not always such an innocuous accusation—philosophers are repeatedly charged with simply providing sophisticated arguments for the status quo, and turning a blind eye to historical events; while writers are said to be crafters of elaborate distractions from the “real issues.” We are looking for high quality contributions to an interdisciplinary journal that help to answer the following question: “How can the process of writing philosophy, or writing in general, help us understand history and lived experience?” Successful contributions should be philosophical essays, works of literary criticism, or creative pieces of up to 10 pages. We encourage submitters to interpret the question as broadly or as specifically as they like, and to seek to combine analytical rigor with creative expression.

Submissions are open to undergraduates from any University: however, grad students are encouraged to spread the word to undergraduates who might be interested.

Deadline: March 15th, 2018

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