This page contains the names and job descriptions of current executives and an archive of past executives who served on the undergraduate student association.

Current Executives for the 2016-2017 Academic Year:

Chair and Executive Coordinator: Vacant 

ASFA Representative: Natan Deuitch (Degree)

Inter-University Liaison: Vacant (Degree)

Outreach and Communications Coordinator: Richard Mayer (Degree)

Academic Accessibility Representative: Serene Qandil (Degree)

Internal Relations and Faculty Liaison: Leonidas Alnakidis


I am an undergraduate student at Concordia university, in my fourth year overall and in my second pursuing a major in philosophy. I act as the Internal Relations and Faculty Liaision for SoPhiA, which means I am the primary liaison between the association and the departmental administration and faculty. If you ever spot me in one of your classes or see me wandering around the department building, feel free to come up to me with any questions, suggestions or concerns you may have.

Sustainability Advisor: Aidan Starchuk (4th year, Philosophy)

Events Coordinator: Ayesha Jane Wright (4th year, Philosophy)

14331561_1674494092867888_317786182_nI am in my final year at Concordia, second year as the Events Coordinator for SoPhiA. I aim to creative an inclusive and social atmosphere for the department. This position is a great opportunity to meet everyone who has a passion for philosophy and learning, and I encourage everyone to keep an eye out for upcoming events! I’m looking forward to meeting incoming students, as well as forging closer bonds with those who are already settled in.


Accountant and Budget Coordinator: Amy Batmanian

Volunteer Coordinator: Alexander Eldon (Final year, Philosophy)

2015-2016 executives:

Chair and Executive Coordinator: Katie Nelson
ASFA Representative: Vacant
Inter-University Liaison: Tomas Zylak
Outreach and Communications Coordinator: Winter: Martin Seal
Academic Accessibility Representative: Perry Perdue
Internal Relations and Faculty Liaison: Valérie Simon
Sustainability Advisor: Fall: Leh Dueling
Events Coordinator: Ayesha Jane Wright
Accountant and Budget Coordinator: Fall: Michael Elharrar
Volunteer Coordinator: Fall: Nora Jane St-Aubin / Winter: Serene Qandil

2014-2015 executives:

Chair and Executive Coordinator and  ASFA Representative: Matthew Palynchuk
Inter-University Liaison: Tomas Zylak
Outreach and Communications Coordinator: Perry Perdue
Academic Accessibility Representative: Katie Nelson
Internal Relations and Faculty Liaison: Michael Geisbrecht
Sustainability Advisor: Fall: Alec Long / Winter: Will Murphy
Events Coordinator: Ryan Barlow
Accountant and Budget Coordinator: Michael Elharrar
Volunteer Coordinator: Leh Deuling

2013 – 2014 executives:

President: Amanda Kovats
VP External: Spiro Metaxas
VP Communications: Timon Sisic
VP Academic: Max Marler
VP Internal: Victoria Sabo
VP Operations: Massimo Orsini
VP Social: Matthew Palynchuk
VP Finance: Meredith Thompson
Ad-Hoc Executive Member: Adrian Iacovino

2012 – 2013 executives:

President: Adam Veenedal
VP External: Alex Agnello
VP Communications: Amanda Kovats
VP Academic: April Underwood
VP Internal: Ian Borsuk
VP Operations: Massimo Orsini
VP Social: Matthew Palynchuk
VP Finance: Spiro Metaxas


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