March 1st GA on Tuition Hikes & Strike Agenda – Draft

I just want to remind everyone that our SGA concerning the tuition hikes and our position on the strike is Thursday, March 1st, in H-110 at 2:45 PM. Please contact us at for details. We recommend contacting you TAs and professors if there is any conflict in the schedule.

You can also take a look at this:

Here is a draft of the agenda. Please feel free to comment and suggest modifications if you think something needs to be added or clarified.


Special General Assembly

March 1st, 2012


Signing in of students and distribution of voting cards


  1. Call to order
  2. Presentation of a few commonly asked questions & answers – Geneviève D. & other execs
  3. Discussion
  4. Motion to take a position agains tuition hikes :

WHEREAS the proposed tuition increase is not justified by any solid economic, ideological or educational argument and that there are grounded reasons to believe that they will negatively affect the quality of our society in multible ways, including economically,

WHEREAS the proposed tuition increase are actually reflective of a neo-liberal political agenda which we strongly oppose as a social value,

WHEREAS the proposed tuition increase would directly affect students from lower and middle class in accessing higher education, and would lead to greater social inequalities,

WHEREAS there are multiple better alternatives the government and institutions could fund higher education,

WHEREAS the proposed tuition increase would not benefit the quality of our education in any way

BIRT SoPhiA is taking a position against the tuition increases.

  1. Why strike?
  2. Discussion
  3. Motion to take a position in favour of the strike :

WHEREAS the majority of Québec students have chosen this means to be heard and that we want to stand in solidarity with them,

WHEREAS we have seen this to be the only way students’ voices have been heard in the past,

WHEREAS despite all attempts, no other way has worked to enter in negotiation with the government during the past two years the increase has been on the table,

WHEREAS we want to send a strong message that we want our society to adopt and develop values which will enable everyone to participate in a meaningful way to a truly democratic citizenship, and that we consider accessibility to education as one of the foundational means to achieve this,

BIRT SoPhiA chooses to join its voice to the student movement and will go on a renewable strike as soon as 50 000 Québec students will have a strike mandate and 3 other Concordia student associations will go on strike.

  1. Provisions for calling end of strike : a petition signed by an equal number of SoPhiA students to that present at the GA would need to call a GA, in which a motion to pursue the strike would need to be voted down.
  2. Discussion on the planning of an action on the 5th along with the other Concordia associations going on strike.
  3. Decision on date for the next GA and announcement of the Concordia-wide GA for March 7th.
  4. Organization of strike committees

– External liaison/GA committee

– Communication/mobilization committee

– Action committee (picketing, updates on demos, preparation of signs, etc.)

– Academic committee (reading groups, organization/coordination of grad/prof lectures, coordination of academic activities with other phil departments in the city, etc.)


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