We are the Undergraduate Students of Philosophy Association.

An important notice:

We as your SoPhiA executive represent your interests as undergraduate students in Philosophy at Concordia. It has come to light that an unnamed professor in the Philosophy department has been accused of sexual harassment. We absolutely condemn the behaviour of this professor, and we stand with all victims. We believe you.

As your representatives, we feel it is imperative to inform you that we are here to talk, listen, or provide guidance to resources here at Concordia if you are subject to behaviour that you feel is inappropriate or leads to an unsafe environment in our department. There is no concern too small, so please feel welcome to share your experiences with us and talk in a confidential space. SoPhiA cannot act on your behalf but we are able to extend ourselves to you as a network of support and advice. We recognize that it can be difficult to identify whether certain behaviours are inappropriate, so we are here as your peers to listen and help in non-judgemental and anti-oppressive ways.

We would also like to stress that we have no responsibility to the faculty in the department and therefore represent a third party in these matters. Please feel free to send us an email, or come visit us in person in the SoPhiA office

Some great resources on campus include:
the Sexual Assault Resource Centre
Centre for Gender Advocacy


Our association understands the importance of community for creating the best university experience and fostering an environment conducive to philosophy. We are here to answer any questions you may have, provide tutoring options, lectures, study groups and of course, social events. We also have a lending library available to students in our office space, which holds a variety of relevant philosophy material including required texts for classes. Furthermore, we are the primary communication line between the students and the faculty and are here to address any concerns you may have with or about professors, staff, grading or the way your classes are run.

Feel free to take the time to explore this site and see what it is we have to offer you as a philosophy student at Concordia. If you have any further questions please go to the contacts section of the website to find out how to reach us.

Please refer to Sophia Concordia facebook page for event updates: